Suriname Mission – plate – 1942

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Plate of the Surinamese mission in the Netherlands for use in Suriname. Dimensions 24 x 16 cm – thick paper – issued by the Secretariat of the Surinam  Mission, Rijweg Rotterdam, 1942. Condition good. Price: 22 euro More pictures on request/orders:

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Wood Species Suriname 4 Vol.

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De Houtsoorten van Suriname by Dr. Ir. J. Ph. Pfeiffer.  Published by Koninklijke Vereeniging Koloniaal Instituut,  Amsterdam,   and printed by De Bussy, Amsterdam, 1926/1927.  Two books and two atlases. Book  I:  Softcover, 505 pages, 23 illustrations; Atlas I:  96 photos on 24 plates; Book  II: Softcover,  240 pages plus register and pressure tests,  43 […]

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Brokopondo Suriname Documents

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Brokopondo,  joint venture Suriname-Suralco.  Softcover,  365 pages, 1 fold-out map.  No editors, place or date  mentioned in book.   It is privately published, in 1959. The compilers of Brokopondo  desired to put together in print all documents pertaining to the Brokopondo-project. Text in Dutch and English. Very good, very rare. Price: 200 euro  More pictures on […]

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Geology Surinam 1931

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Outline of the Geology and Petrology of Surinam (Dutch Guiana) by Robert IJzerman. Published by Kemink en Zoon, Utrecht (Netherlands), 1931. Hardcover, 519  pages, 6 maps (incl. 1 color, 2 folding maps in pocket at end), 48 plates, figures,  tables,  fold-out pages. Leather spine, raising bands, texts english language , dedication in dutch. Very good. […]

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Report Dam Suriname River 3Vol.

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Voluminous report ‘Soil Research Dam Project-Suriname River’.  3 Volumes. Published by Laboratorium voor Grondmechanica in Delft (Netherlands), 1954. Scientific report that allowed the reservoir Brokopondo in Suriname. Text in dutch and french.  Pages stencilled on one side. Hardlinen covers, illustrated with photos and  maps. Many fold-out pages.  Good. Very rare Surinam item. The Brokopondo Reservoir, […]

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