Six revolution books –  Russia –  1917

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Almost all the booklets are published in Petrograd, where in 1917  the February revolution started, which led to the murder of the Tsar; one book is published in Moscow. The booklets  are about the poor workers, the people’s army, the situation in Russia. Softcovers – in total 153 pages – average size 22 x 15 cm. Authors: G.- D. Mihail (Gartevel’d), P. Eleckij, St. Petrashkevich  (Strumilin), N.P. Oganovskij, a.o. Condition: traces of use, frayed, discoloration, underlining, […]

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Architekt Iwan I. Leonidow

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Iwan I. Leonidow, ein architekt des Russischen Konstruktivismus. Editor Adolph Stiller – Müry Salzmann Verlag, Salzburg, 2010  – softcover – 120 pages  Signed and dedicated by co-editor Otakar Máčel. Richly illustrated in color and black/white –   Iwan Ilyich Leonidov was a Russian constructivist architect, a city planner, artist and university lecturer who is particularly […]

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James Gilmour of Mongolia 1892

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James Gilmour of Mongolia by Richard Lovett. First published by  The Religious Tract Society, London, 1892. James Gilmour of Mongolia , his diaries letters and reports. With 3 portraits, 2 maps and 4 illustrations. Hardcover, 336 pages,  first edition, size 21,5 x 15 cm. Condition: good  Price: 60 euro More pictures on request/orders:

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Fashion in Moscow 1957

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Small Russian fashion book for men. Published in Moscow, 1957. Softcover, 60 pages, all illustrated. Size 8 x 14 cm. Condition good-min. Traces of use Price: 5 euro More pictures on request/orders:

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