Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot

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Brüder Grimm. Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot by Grimm with illustrations by Emil Schumacher from 1948. Reissued in 2012 by Ulrich Schumacher and Rouven Lotz on the occasion of Schumacher’s 100th birthday. Hardcover, 27 pages, illustrated – condition very good. Emil Schumacher was a German painter and important representative of abstract expressionism Price: 15 euro More pictures on request/orders:

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Sugar fabrication 1899

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Stohmann’s Handbuch of Zuckerfabrikation by Dr U. Rümpler. Published by Pascal Parey, Berlin, 1899. Linen hardcover with golden printing, XVI + 645+24 advertisements pages . Dimensions 22.5 x 15.5 x 5 cm. With 223 technical text woodcuts, 6 folding illustrations and 1 folding table. Condition good: signature written in, a bit brown Price: 25 euro More pictures on […]

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Readings by governor-general J.B. van Heutsz

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‘Oranje of Rood’ – herstel of revolutie, book with readings by governor-general Johannes Benedictus van Heutsz in the Dutch Indies and the Netherlands. Self-published in 1935 by his son Johan Bastiaan van Heutsz, who later as SS commander should die in Germany. Modern semi-hard linen cover, 103 pages, very rare. Dutch language. Condition: very good, only title page […]

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Six booklets –  Russia –  1917

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Almost all the booklets are published in Petrograd, where in 1917  the February revolution started, which led to the murder of the Tsar; one book is published in Moscow. The booklets  are about the poor workers, the people’s army, the situation in Russia. Softcovers – in total 153 pages – average size 22 x 15 cm. Authors: G.- D. Mihail (Gartevel’d), P. Eleckij, St. Petrashkevich  (Strumilin), N.P. Oganovskij, a.o. Condition: traces of use, frayed, discoloration, underlining, […]

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Women mission China and Hong Kong 1912

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Der Berliner Frauen-Missionsverein für China und sein Findelhaus Bethesda auf Hongkong. Written by superintendent D.Petri and published by  Selbstverlag des Berliner Frauen-Missionsvereins für China, 1912. Illustrated softcover, 32 pages, black/white photos Condition reasonable: cover browning, pages yellowing, bottom corners a bit damaged Price: 35 euro More pictures on request/orders:

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7 European movie stars WWII – signed – big pictures

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7 autographed lobby cards  of   movie actresses who were working  in and shortly after World War II  in Europe. The photographs   were displayed in showcases in an Austrian  theater. Biggest photographs are 24 x 30 cm, smallest is 23 x 19 cm.  1: Jane Tilden  was an Austrian actress. 2: Barbara von Nady was a […]

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Poesje miauw – around 1890

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Antoon Leonard de Rop –  Poesje miauw –  Published by Jac G. Robbers, Amsterdam, around 1890  and printed by Ernest Nister, Neurenberg – hardcover – 12 pages Linen spine. First edition. Full color llustrations: Lizzie Mack. Rare book with children’s poems. Condition reasonable.  Browning, traces of use, one page fastened. Dutch language Price: 40 euro More pictures […]

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Architekt Iwan I. Leonidow

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Iwan I. Leonidow, ein architekt des Russischen Konstruktivismus. Editor Adolph Stiller – Müry Salzmann Verlag, Salzburg, 2010  – softcover – 120 pages  Signed and dedicated by co-editor Otakar Máčel. Richly illustrated in color and black/white –   Iwan Ilyich Leonidov was a Russian constructivist architect, a city planner, artist and university lecturer who is particularly […]

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Berlage as bookbinding designer

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H. P. Berlage as bookbinding designer, illustrator and typographer: catalog for the exhibition, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, January 1988. Published by Fine & Rare Books, Wageningen, 1988. Softcover, japanese tied with raffia,  32 pages  With black/white illustrations and bibliography. Compiled by Tanja Ledoux. Dutch language. Condition very good Price: 10 euro More pictures on request/orders:

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Dancing out of Bali, 1954

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Dancing out of Bali by John Coast. 1st. edition. Publisher  Faber & Faber, London, 1954. Original cloth, pictorial coloured dustjacket, 234 pages,  22 photo illustrations. Hardcover with dustjacket. Book on dance & music in Bali, beautiful pictures. Condition good: dustjacket repaired, 2 small stamps Koninklijk  Instituut voor de Tropen. Price: 13 euro More pictures on request/orders:

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Catalogue Standaard-Boekhandel 1924-1949

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Jubileumcatalogus of  the Belgium publisher Standaard-Boekhandel, published on occasion of the 25th  anniversary (1924-1949 ) in 1949.  Linen hardcover with gilt lettering. 127 pages, photographs in  black/white. Publisher was located in the cities Antwerp, Brussels,  Ghent and Leuven. Dimensions  24 x 16,5 cm. Dutch language. Condition good Price: 12 euro More pictures on request/orders:

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Dienstbotenbuch – Hessen – 1913

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 Gesinde Dienstbuch für ein Dienstmädchen – Großherzogtum Hessen – 1913 Rare German working paper for a maid. Published by Polizeiamt, Giessen, 1913 Softcover, 37 pages, dimensions 16 x 10.5 cm. (19 text pages, 3 pages filled in and 15 blank pages (still to be completed) Condition: Very good, more than a century old, but looks like new Price: 30 euro More pictures on request/orders:

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